Does Eating Cat Litter Make Dogs Sick?

cat eats kitty litter

In multi-pet households, dogs can get into the litter box and eat cat litter. More often than not, they love staying close by as a kitty uses the litter box and quickly close in once the cat gets out of the box.

In most cases, nutritional deficiency is not to blame for this behavior. Dogs eat cat litter simply because it appeals to them, because it tastes and smells good. The taste of cat litter may be due to the cat’s high protein intake. This might appear pretty disgusting to many pet owners.

Coprophagia (eating poop) is a common behavior among dogs. In fact, it can be considered normal in certain circumstances. Mother dogs instinctively eat their pup’s feces to keep the place clean and odor-free. Puppies can also go through a phase where they are very curious about their environment and use their mouth to investigate things, and this may include eating non-food items such as feces. But there are dogs that just like the smell and taste of fecal material and cat litter and will continue to snack on it.

You can also talk to your Newmarket, ON vet about your pet’s peculiar behavior. Learn more here.

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