Insect Stings In Dogs


Wasp or bee stings can cause allergy reactions in dogs of any age, sex, or breed. In most cases, the dog is usually stung several times before the body mounts an adverse reaction. The reaction can range from very mild to extremely serious and life-threatening.

Mild reaction – the dog may not like to eat and appear lethargic. Fever may also be present. The symptoms usually disappear without any treatment or any form of intervention.

Moderate reaction –A moderate reaction to an insect sting includes hives or wheals, and the dog’s eyes, lips, and neck may appear swollen and reddish. There may also be intense itching. There is a possibility that the reaction can progress to anaphylaxis which is a severe allergic reaction, which can be fatal. Wheals (urticaria) are the most common symptoms of allergy reaction in dogs.

Severe reaction – Hypersensitive dogs have higher risks of developing anaphylaxis when stung by a bee or wasp. The extremely severe reaction can occur within minutes after the dog is stung by the bee and symptoms may progress rapidly. The dog may experience respiratory problems and may collapse. Without prompt veterinary attention, dogs can die from anaphylactic shock.

Allergy reactions can be life-threatening. Don’t hesitate to call your Folsom, CA vet if you think your pet has been stung by an insect. Click here.

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