What are Hot Spots on Doberman Pinschers?

Hot spots is a term used to describe areas on your dog’s skin that are extremely sensitive, irritated, or just simply itchy. If you notice your Doberman Pinscher is constantly chewing at the same spot on his fur or you see a particular wet spot or discolored spot on your pup then that could indicate the presence of a hot spot. Hot spots can be created by fleas, ticks, or skin irritations from a number of irritants including grass and allergens. The hot spot usually forms after excessive biting and scratching at the irritated area. Poor grooming and bites from other insects like mosquitoes can also be causes. Call your vet to find out how to best treat the problem area on your pup. In rare cases, your pup may need to have his skin tested for skin allergies. More common, your veterinary clinic Bolingbrook, IL will prescribe a topical cream to relieve itching and lessen irritation. More details here.

What are Hot Spots on Doberman Pinschers

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