Signs your Eastern Painted Turtle may have Mouth Rot

In general, the Eastern Painted turtle is a fairly healthy turtle and can make a unique pet. If your turtle has not been to see the vet for a first time visit, it’s important to schedule an exam soon. Turtles may not get sick that often, but having him in for a first time visit with the vet can help establish a medical history. Your vet can make notes of your turtle’s appearance, disposition and any signs of illness all of which can be useful for future visits. One illness common to reptiles is mouth rot. Signs of mouth rot may include hemorrhages of inflammation to the gums, inside of the mouth or the edge of the mouth near the lips. A mucus build up may also appear in the oral cavity. Causes include stress, poor diet, poor habitat, improper temperatures in the habitat, trauma or parasites. Visit your animal hospital Conyers, GA to learn more.

Signs your Eastern Painted Turtle may have Mouth Rot

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