Maine Coon Cats Can Communicate with their Tail


Did you know that cats like the Maine Coon cat do a lot of their communicating through their tail motions? If your Maine Coon raises her tail, waves it and points it in various directions, chances are she’s trying to tell you something. For instance, if your cat is holding her tail low and extending it with rigid movement and then follows it with a flick then she may be showing signs of aggression. If your cat’s tail is upright in a vertical position then she is letting you know she wants to play. If the tail is twitching or quivering then she may be about to mark her territory. As with dogs, a tucked tail in between the legs is a sign of submission. A tail straight in the air along with arched back and pinned ears is definitely a warning. Ask your veterinarian Castle Hills, TX about other ways your cat communicates.

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