The Importance of Cleaning Face Wrinkles on a Dog


Wrinkly dogs are so cute! From Bulldogs to Boston Terriers, many canines sport a smooshed face with wrinkles. If you have a breed with a wrinkly face, it’s extremely important to clean this area on a daily basis.

The wrinkles in the skin can trap moisture. They can trap saliva and drool, water from a quick romp in the sprinkler, and they can even collect and trap moisture from the air on a particularly humid day. If allowed to sit, that moisture can grow bacteria.
At the very least, you may notice that your dog’s face smells unpleasant. If the moisture buildup gets to be too much, it can actually ooze from the wrinkle. Eventually, your pet will develop redness and dermatitis, which can be very uncomfortable.

Looking for tips on how to clean the folds in your dog’s face? Click here, or schedule an appointment with your veterinarian Oconomowoc, WI.

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