Your Cat’s Eyes


You can often determine your cat’s mood by evaluating the expression in her eyes. Your cat will generally look directly at the object of their attention.However, we’ve all experienced times when kitty will completely ignore you while still wanting your attention. Thus look at her eyes to better understandwhat your cat wants. Your cat is relaxed and content when she has constricted pupils with small slits. That wide-eyed stare with a rigid body posture is the look of a cat that wants to cuddle but with too much intensity, it could indicate hostility. Very large pupils during the day are not atypicallook so this could indicate a cat that is ready to fight or run away. Or it could signify that your cat is in pain. Wide-open eyes indicate alertness, whereas a cat with semi-closed eyes is comfortable and ready for a nap. For more information, contact your Flint, MI veterinarian.

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