Why your cat has stopped using her litter box

Why your cat has stopped using her litter box

Your cat has a wonderful litter box that you’ve given her, and you’ve meticulously cleaned it for quite some time now. So why has she suddenly decided not to use it anymore?

If your cat isn’t using her litter box, it’s likely because something has changed about it, and she finds this change unsatisfactory. Consider what this may be. There may be new items around the litter box, a new pet who is interfering with its use, or a different litter that she doesn’t like. It could also be a change within her. For example, limited mobility may be causing her difficulty in getting into a litter box that requires a large step to get into it. Think about how her living space and her behavior has changed to try and determine what the issue it. For additional information, please contact your local vet clinic Savannah, GA.

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