Heartworm Disease In Cats

Heartworm disease is a mosquito-borne infection that can affect dogs and cats. Even indoor cats can acquire the infection when infected mosquitoes get in the house. Being placed on a year-round heartworm preventive program is the best way to protect your pet against heartworms.

When feeding on the blood of an infected host, mosquitoes also ingest microfilariae (immature heartworms) that are in the blood of the animal. While inside the body of the mosquito, the microfilariae develop into infective larvae which are deposited when infected mosquitoes feed on the blood of susceptible cats. The larvae are then carried by the bloodstream to the heart where they develop into adults and are now capable of reproduction. Cats with heartworm infection can have higher risks of developing serious heart and lung problems. Take a proactive approach to protect your pet against heartworms by working with your North Phoenix, AZ veterinarian in creating and implementing a year-round heartworm preventive program. Click this website to learn more.

Heartworm Disease In Cats

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