Setting up a cage for your bird


Your bird needs your help to lead a comfortable life. How can you set this up in a way that she will find appealing?

Your pet needs you to select an appropriately sized cage for her, and to place it in an area of your home where it will be away from drafts as well as heating and cooling vents. Take the time to offer her a place where she can enjoy time with the rest of the family but still rest when the time calls for it, like in the main area of your home but off the beaten path. Fill it with items she will need to care for herself, like a food dish and a place to get a drink of water. Make sure she has areas to play and things to occupy her time as well. For additional information, please contact your local Happy Valley, OR vet clinic.

Flea prevention and the winter months


Your pet certainly means a lot to you, and you know that she needs your help when it comes to flea prevention. How can you keep your pet safe in the cooler months of the year?

There are a lot of pet owners that believe fleas aren’t an issue in the winter. This isn’t entirely accurate, and you will still need to work to prevent them just as aggressively as you do at other times of the year. The reason for this is that most areas don’t get cold enough for flea activity to stop entirely, and even if they do, most pets spend time indoors where fleas can thrive. This means that you should keep up with your regular flea prevention routine to ensure your pet is comfortable and parasite-free. For additional information, please contact your local Hillview Veterinary Clinic.

Indoor-Only Cats Often Live Longer

Some cat owners allow their pets to go outdoors so they won’t have to keep a litter box indoors. However, many experts don’t recommended allowing cats to venture outdoors without any supervision. There are so many potential hazards that lurk outdoors that a cat can easily be exposed to. They can be run over, poisoned, preyed on by wild dogs and other potential predators, pick up disease and parasites, or get in fights with other cats and come home with wounds. In fact, indoor-only cats tend to have longer lifespans than those that are allowed to go outdoors.

A cat that has never been outdoors has a lesser urge to heed the call of the wild. Efforts should be made to enrich the cat’s indoor environment so there would be lots of physical and mental stimulation to keep the cat busy. Bored cats are important grounds for the development of undesirable behaviors that can be a challenge to address.

An indoor cat can still suffer from potential health problems thus regular checkups at your Town N Country veterinary clinic is recommended. Read more here.

Indoor-Only Cats Often Live Longer

Helping your cat find a place to scratch


Your cat loves to scratch on things around your home, and you understand that this is something that is necessary for her to do. However, you also know that there are places that you’d rather she didn’t touch. How can you help her find an appropriate place to scratch?

Your cat needs you to take the time to determine what types of surfaces she prefers to scratch on. This means that you will need to consider the material on these items, how plush the surface is, and whether your pet prefers to scratch on a horizontal or vertical surface. You will then need to mimic these things in a scratching post or mat that you will be able to place in an area of your home where your pet frequents. For additional information, please contact your local Carolina Forest, SC vet clinic.

Cat scratching basics


Your cat tends to scratch on items around your home on a regular basis. This is because she needs to maintain her claws in a way that will keep them at a manageable length and ready for use. However, there are certain aspects of scratching that you may not know about.

Scratching can offer your pet a chance to get a good stretch in, which can feel nice after an afternoon of napping. It also gives your pet a chance to leave behind territory markers to let others know what areas of your property she claims as her own. This is done in two different ways. Your pet leaves behind physical scratch marks for others to see when scratching, and she also leaves behind scent markers from glands in this area of her body. For additional information, please contact your local Bolingbrook, IL veterinarian.

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