How to Keep Your Quaker Parrot Cool in Hot Weather


Keeping your Quaker parrot or any other bird cool in the warm months of spring and summer is vitally important. Birds can become overheated rather quickly and may even have a heatstroke. You can prevent this from happening to your bird by keeping his cage in a cool part of your home away from windows that attract heat. Make sure he’s not in a draft from an A/C vent or fan as it will be too cool. You can also keep your bird’s body temperature regulated by keeping his featherless areas under his wings clean and free of dirt. This is where the bird naturally cools himself and if he’s covered in dirt he’ll have a hard time. You veterinarian Moorpark, CA can tell you that birds tend to avoid warm water so make sure you keep your bird’s water bowl refreshed with cool water throughout the day. Learn more here.

Maine Coon Cats Can Communicate with their Tail


Did you know that cats like the Maine Coon cat do a lot of their communicating through their tail motions? If your Maine Coon raises her tail, waves it and points it in various directions, chances are she’s trying to tell you something. For instance, if your cat is holding her tail low and extending it with rigid movement and then follows it with a flick then she may be showing signs of aggression. If your cat’s tail is upright in a vertical position then she is letting you know she wants to play. If the tail is twitching or quivering then she may be about to mark her territory. As with dogs, a tucked tail in between the legs is a sign of submission. A tail straight in the air along with arched back and pinned ears is definitely a warning. Ask your veterinarian Castle Hills, TX about other ways your cat communicates.

Playing with your ferret


Your ferret is a wonderful friend, and you enjoy being able to spend time with him. However, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep playtime interesting. What can you do about this?

Your pet is extremely intelligent, which means there is no reason for playtime to be boring. He can handle a lot of different games and activities, so make a point to seek out things that will challenge him and be interesting for you to take part in as well. Toys can really help breathe new life into playtime as they can really help offer you a chance to see what your pet gravitates towards and how he likes to play on his own. This way, you will have a better idea of what you can do together. For additional information, please contact your local Cameron Park, CA vet clinic.

Removing a Tick from your Siamese Cat


If you find a tick on your Siamese cat, don’t panic. Instead, carefully remove the tick and ensure that it is disposed of. If you don’t know how to remove a tick, call your vet and ask for assistance. In general, you should use tweezers and grab hold of the tick as close to the skin of your cat as possible. If you don’t have tweezers, use your thumb and first finger. Again, the key is to grab as close to the skin as possible to ensure you get all of the tick out. Once you have hold of the tick, pull straight up. This may hurt your cat so be prepared for her to jump when the tick is pulled out. You can check the tick to see if the head is present. Removing the head is important to ensure there are no leftover poisons in your cat. For questions, call your veterinarian Somerville, MA.

Keeping Your Horse Cool This Summer


If you want your horse to be happy, you have to make sure he’s comfortable. That means making sure he’s nice and cool all summer long.

Did you know the average size work horse can drink 25 gallons of water a day? Keep his water nice and fresh. Refill his water bucket with clean, cool water multiple times a day.

Sitting in the sun all day can be tiring, and it can have a negative effect on your horse's health. Make sure he has access to shade, be it a tree, a shed, or a barn.

Keep your horse's coat brushed and trimmed to help keep him cool. If he's prone to getting sunburned, apply sunscreen or wash him with a shampoo that has UV protection.

There are many more tips you can try! Call your veterinary clinic Park County, CO to learn them all.
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