My Dog Greets Everyone By Jumping on Them

Does your dog get super excited and start jumping around when you walk in the door? If your dog jumps every time someone enters the room, you need to talk with your vet and find out ways to train this habit out of your pup. Although you may enjoy a greeting like this, your house guests are most likely not feeling the same. A jumping dog can be intimidating especially when it’s jumping right at you. You can train your dog to stop greeting people this way by having him stay in a crate or behind a gate that doesn’t give him access to the front door. He has to wait until you come to him to greet him before he can greet you. You can also work with him by coming in and if he jumps walking back out. If he doesn’t jump, give him a reward. For more suggestions, talk with your vet Lafayette LA. Click this website for details.

My Dog Greets Everyone By Jumping on Them

Keep Dogs Inside if Rabies is Reported in Wildlife


If you live in a rural area that is known for different types of wildlife wondering in and around housing developments, make sure you keep an extra watch on your dog. Specifically, if there is a report of a rabid wild animal such as a raccoon or fox in your area, you may want to keep your dog indoors at all times. Rabid animals do not act normally and may come into your yard without fear. They may also run up to you or your pets. Don’t let your dog chase wild animals of any kind because you never know if the animal is sick or has rabies. If your dog gets into a fight with a wild animal, call your vet and have your dog examined for wounds. It’s best to avoid letting your dog run off leash when there is a rabies threat in your area. For more details, call your veterinarian Fox Chapel, PA.

Exercise for your Short Tailed Sugar Glider


No matter what kind of pet you have, there’s a good chance that exercising that pet is going to be a requirement. This is true for even the smallest of pets including the Short Tailed sugar glider. Even though he’s small, this little guy should have routine exercise opportunities. One way to exercise him is to use an exercise wheel or an exercise ball. The wheel goes in the cage and can provide endless exercise and fun time for your sugar glider especially while you’re away at work or school. An exercise ball is to be used outside of the cage. Place your sugar glider in the ball and encourage him to push it around on his own. Always supervise your sugar glider when he’s in the ball. Other ways to encourage movement and exercise includes giving your sugar glider time outside of the cage roaming or climbing on you. For more ideas, call your veterinarian Tipp City, OH.

Helping your Senior Cat Use a Litter Box

As cats grow older they may begin to lose certain motor skills. For example, your cat may start to have trouble getting in and out of his litter box as he ages. This could be from the onset of arthritis or simply because he is older and slower to move. You can help your cat by providing him with a low sided litter box that doesn’t require a large step into it. You can also place a step outside of his current litter box if that helps. You may need to provide your cat with an additional littler box in a separate location in case he has trouble making it in time. Be prepared to clean the litter box more frequently. Keep an eye on your cat’s pooping habits as he ages. Some cats may develop constipation or diarrhea. Always report this to your veterinary clinic Lafayette, LA right away for treatment.

Helping your Senior Cat Use a Litter Box

Can My Senior Pup Go on a Walk?

Whether your senior pup can go on a walk or not will be up to your discretion and that of your veterinarian. If your dog is used to walking daily then you should keep up the routine for as long as he’s able to make the walk comfortably. If your vet advises against it, then stop the walks. You may have to adjust your walk speed and distance as your pup grows older, but as long as he’s able to move let him move. Walking has a lot of positive effects on people and animals alike. Sometimes just getting your pup outdoors for a walk around the house can help ease his joint pain and relieve any stress or anxiety. Always take water with you and make sure you walk in a cool area. If your pup gets tired, you may need to carry him or give him a break. For more details, call your veterinarian Lafayette, LA.

Can My Senior Pup Go on a Walk
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